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Become a Member or Renew your membership

To become a member or renew your membership, select the appropriate membership:

Adult Membership $20.00

(One adult)

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Family Membership $30.00

(Couple or Household incl. children under 25)

If you prefer a mail-in form, please contact us

Membership Benefits

Joining the Colorado Euskal Etxea has both social and cultural benefits. In addition to contributing to the preservation of and education about the Basque culture, members have access to:

  • Reduced prices to paid events. Members enjoy lower prices to major events like our summer picnic. Some other events like our winter holiday party are free to members. 

  • Club Newsletter. Newsletter is published three to four times a year and includes wonderful information, recipes, club happenings and other club information.

  • Discounts on Basque language classes. Members (adults & children) can attend Euskara classes via the North American Basque Organization (N.A.B.O)'s language program and will receive a $25.00 discount. 

  • Leadership opportunities. You can serve on the board of directors or on committees that assist with event planning and outreach. It's a great way to contribute to building community and keeping our culture alive.

  • Community. You will have the opportunity to make connections with other members at Colorado club events and meet Basques from other parts of the United States.

Consider making a donation to support our club --

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Membership Guidelines

The following membership guidelines are taken from the Colorado Euskal Etxea By-Laws:

  • Membership shall be granted to any person of Basque ancestry, any person not of Basque descent but married to a Basque or any person interested in Basque culture.

  • Members have no voting rights except as authorized by the Board of Directors. Annual dues shall be set in the amount of $20.00 per year for a single membership (one adult), $30.00 per year for a family membership (couple or household incl. children under 25) payable to the corporation and are due upon membership approval.

  • Membership dues can be adjusted on a sliding scale or waived at the discretion of the Board of Directors for members under special circumstances. One dollar ($1.00) of each membership fee will be paid to the North American Basque Organization (N.A.B.O.) for membership dues.

  • Members who fail to pay their dues 60 days after the due date will be dropped from the membership roster.

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