Welcome to Colorado Euskal Etxea

Kaixo and welcome to Colorado Euskal Etxea's website.  We hope you enjoy the information you will find on this site and that you will be inspired to explore our unique heritage.  We are a small club serving the Basques in the larger Denver area but we have big hearts.  

If you have any questions, please call me at 303.868.0906 or email me at presidentcoloetxea@gmail.com

Mayi Petracek

President, Colorado Euskal Etxea 

June 26th Event

Join us at Gallery 6 for food, music, and photography of the Basque Country! Learn more here.

Euskara Lessons

We currently have 4 members participating in Euskara courses.  The lessons are offered electronically through Zoom and allows participants from Texas and Idaho to join our club participants.


The next session will start in September. If you Interested in learning to speak the Basque language, contact us about enrolling in beginner or intermediate classes.


A huge thank you to Samine Irigoein for being our patient instructor. 

Contact Mayi at 303.868.0906 or mariepetracek@comcast.net for more information