Upcoming Events

Annual Member Meeting & Board Elections

April 4, 2020 in Firestone, CO


Paella & salad to be provided by the club

Bring an appetizer or dessert along with a beverage to share.

RSVP needed by March 31st. 

Club Activities
Basque Dance Lessons

In 2017 we found a few different dancers to teach us several Basque dances.  We had instructors from out of state as well as two women from the Basque Country that were working as Au Pairs in the Denver metro area. Dancing has become a fun part of our gatherings and we will continue to look for new opportunities to teach others.  Visit our dancing page here.

Language Classes

Colorado Euskal Etxea offers language classes in the Denver Metro area for both adults and children, as well as access to online language studies. Please check this website for updates regarding dates, location and format.  We do ask for a nominal contribution to provide the instructor.  N.A.B.O. does provide a salary of $400 per semester.


Mendiko Jaia

Every summer, Colorado Euskal Etxea hosts "Mendiko Jaia" (literally, "celebration in the mountains"), our annual picnic. It is a wonderful time for Basques in Colorado - and those who wish to visit Colorado - to enjoy Colorado's natural beauty, excellent Basque food, entertainment, and fellowship with other Basques!

Gabon Jaia

Our winter holiday party celebrates the winter holidays with Gabon Jaia. Good food, fun, and an appearance by Olentzero are always on the agenda!


In October, we come together for our annual membership meeting and a celebration of a unique facet of our Basque culture! We enjoy traditional foods, and the brave dress up as characters from Basque mythology. 


Pintxos Party

Generally around February every year, we have a pintxos party and competition. Prize categories include best traditional pintxo, most original pintxo, and best presentation.

Book Club

In past years,  members have read and discussed "Back to Bizkaia" by Vince Juaristi and "All That Followed" by Gabriel Urza.  In 2015, we were honored to host Begonna Echeverria, Author of the "The Hammer of the Witches."

We have a library of many Basque Books and CD's that can be borrowed.  Please contact Mayi Petracek @ mariepetracek@comcast.net if interested. 

Cultural Events

Colorado Euskal Etxea is privileged to host occasional cultural events such as speakers from Euskal Herria, Basque entertainers, and film viewings. Past cultural events include: Song of The Basque Movie; GUREA cultural workshops with Inaki Goikoetxea and Mayte Uribarri


Information will be posted here - as well as sent out to the membership via the newsletter and e-mails - about all club events!



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